Von Herzen

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3 Antworten zu Von Herzen

  1. Regula schreibt:

    Wulfruna, how special. If I had a daughter, I would call her so. 😉

    There are in fact few wolves in the Alps. In oder of keeping them away from sheep there are specially trained dogs too. The dogs are up there on the pastures on their own. And little by little people are getting used to the idea of wolves in the wild.

    I’ve read „The Loop“ by Nicolas Evans several times (in fact once a year I just have to meet all these people in the book).

    Gefällt mir

  2. Louise schreibt:

    Such lovely photos on your blog, what a shame I can’t read the words. I only speak one language sadly!

    I’m just replying to your comment about Wolverhampton and wolves – the place wasn’t named for its history of having wolves, the name is actually anglo-saxon. In the year 985 the king granted the land of what is now Wolverhampton but was then called „Heantun“ to the daughter of another king called „Wulfruna“ and so the name Wolverhampton comes from ‚Wulfruna Heantun‘ meaning Wulfruna’s High Place.

    Of course Wolves were hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago in Britain and as an island, there is no way for them to naturally come back, however I believe some wild wolves have been purposely introduced somewhere in Scotland in the last few years.

    You English always seems very good so I am hoping that this comment will make sense to you! Let me know if there is anything you want to know!


    Gefällt mir

  3. sweethomemama schreibt:

    Hi Regula! I just wanted to let you know that I combined my Annie’s Knit knitting blog with my parenting blog because I don’t have time to maintain both…and still keep my kids alive! My new URL is: http://sweethomeprayer.wordpress.com/.

    Gefällt mir

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